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Rockdale Public School 2014 Annual Evaluation
- Parent Survey

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Principal's message 2013

2013 has been a landmark year at Rockdale Public School. It has been during this year that a number of major changes have been implemented regarding the structure and organization of the school. This has been particularly evident in the way literacy has been embedded within all aspects of learning and reflected in the structure of the school timetable, with literacy being given the highest priority. Classroom and support teachers work together to plan and teach these literacy experiences to all classes in the school each day per week.

As with all changes, our common driving force has been the learning outcomes for our students. It was evident from previous data that we as a school were not reaching the levels of student learning we believed our students were capable of and therefore, we needed to reshape the way our teaching and learning was catering for the needs of our students. The wonderful staff at Rockdale responded in their usual dedicated and determined fashion, not wasting a second getting started. Our school community, particularly our P & C and School Council, have been incredibly supportive, not just with ideas and feedback but with comprehensive fundraising to help us effectively deliver and resource our initiatives. It really is an exciting place to work and learn.

Rockdale Public School is fortunate to have a fabulous cohort of students who are both hard working and inquisitive. They are eager to learn and keen to accept their responsibility within the learning environment.

I am always humbled by the tolerance and empathy shown by the students and staff of this school. With such a wide ranging mix of backgrounds that we each bring to the school, it is a harmonious place to learn and place to grow. Our school community is constantly changing and with these changes, new challenges arise. It is the quality of the response to these challenges that I find the most inspiring; as all members within this school community will be actively looking for a way forward that will bring the best results and have the most significant impact for the students of the school.

This annual school report contains but a mere snapshot in time of the many things that go into making Rockdale Public School the great school that it is.

I certify that the information in this report is the result of a rigorous school self-evaluation process and is a balanced and genuine account of the school's achievements and areas for development.

Mark Steed




Lord Street, Rockdale. NSW. 2216
Phone: (02) 9567 6146
Fax: (02) 9567 1947




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P&C President's Message 2013

The P & C meet on the first Tuesday of the month (excluding school holidays) and we have had another busy year. We have catered the Meet the Teacher night, organised raffles for Easter, Mothers' Day and Fathers' Day. We sourced gifts to sell at our Mothers' and Fathers' day stall. We event managed another successful Winter Wonderland disco. We have run a uniform shop throughout the year. We have been involved in various committees including the Uniform Sub Committee, Finance Committee and Out of Area Enrolment Committee. We have administered the funds for the Active After School Sports program. We have provided invaluable feedback to the school.

Our fund raising efforts have enabled us to provide $9000 for reading resources for the school, $1000 for sports singlets for our representative athletes at District level as well as $315 for sports hoodies for our Regional athletics representatives.

I wish to thank our small but dedicated group of parents who enjoy being part of the school community and welcome anyone who wishes to be a part of the P&C.

Robyn Morris
Rockdale Public School P&C Association

 School Council  President's message 2013

In 2013, Rockdale Public School staff has taken on a huge challenge with all of the new programs in place and it has been a long haul for everyone but a very successful year. Well done to all the staff of Rockdale Public School!

As the president of the school council, I have been very pleased with all the positive comments from the community at large, as well as the school community itself. Members within our own council, as well as general members of the community have constantly sought to bring about changes to the school in order to make it a better place for everyone. We have a number of important issues that as a school council, we have undertaken. Council members are even working on their own proposals for additional support programs for the students.

Change can be a difficult thing but all the staff has taken it within their stride. I have not seen such a hardworking school community who, having undergone several staff changes, program changes and even school room changes, has kept their programs so successful and functioning. Under the guidance of our school principal, Mark Steed and his team of assistant principals, Debbie Wicks, Sandy Santoromito, Amy Ha and Rod Lloyd, it has been quite difficult to keep up with the multitude of programs the school has in operation. These programs both challenge and encourage students at Rockdale Public School to learn. The environment they have in place is both nurturing and caring as well as being educational. Teachers have also taken a lot of time to put as much information as they can into the school reports and reporting to parents in general. It has been very positive for families, as we always want the best for our children and want to be informed.

The new building in Block F which was funded by the federal government has been a welcome addition to the school. It has 6 classrooms and they function very well, having very useful withdrawal rooms for small group discussions. We’ve appreciated the much needed additional space. The new literacy resource centre is a centre of many resource items and it has been a very positive program, allowing teachers a central place to collect and source their teaching materials. It is an ongoing project. The number of arts, choir, dance, drama, debating, sport, athletics, spelling bee, public speaking and environmental programs has been also well embraced by the students. It is sometimes difficult to comprehend just how many programs we can fit into a week! Each new term always races past more quickly than the last. However, the students all love that they have so many activities offered by the hardworking staff of Rockdale Public School. There is never any shortage of willing participants.

It is a testament from our children, who have come and gone from Rockdale Public School that being here at this school, has had a lasting impression on them and their lives. Students are always given many opportunities to shine, both academically, socially, creatively or at sport. It is always both sad but fulfilling at the end of a year to see another group of children leave the school, children who have grown up and been so enriched by their experience here. We love the learning journey videos that are always shown at the end of the school year.

The staff of Rockdale Public School has an open attitude to change and are always lending an ear to hearing new suggestions from the school community. It is a great school to be involved in and our council members are always happy to attend. We welcome anyone who would like to join our small by dedicated group. It is a great opportunity to be closely informed about the school and to be part of the decision making process that shapes the school and its programs. I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of this close-knit group of dedicated members. Congratulations to Mark and his team of dedicated teachers and support staff on another year well done!

 Nan Chen
School Council President

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